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We provide specialist property advice and representation to Landowners and occupiers who are affected by public utilities such as water, oil and gas pipelines, cables, sewage, roads and motorways.

We meet with the representatives of the company and the contractors and ensure that the works are carried out with the least possible disruption, defining the working area and taking measures to avoid trespass and damage to the property.

We then ensure that the land is fully reinstated and reserve the right to claim for subsidence and drainage problems if they occur in the future.

Finally, we negotiate compensation under the Water Resources Act and the Water Industries Act and if necessary we refer to the Lands Tribunal.

  • Liaison before work starts

  • Advice on service of notices

  • Ensuring clear specification of works, access and boundaries for contractors

  • Overseeing works and dealing with problems

  • Reinstatement of the land including drainage and possible subsidence

  • Submitting and  agreeing the claim

  • Reference to the Land Tribunal

No Fees

The fees for most aspects of the work are paid by the Acquiring Authority according to a scale fee and therefore the client will not pay any costs. The client will only have to pay the VAT if VAT Registered.

Fees only apply if, for instance, the work involves trying to persuade the utility company to redesign the scheme so that they do not affect the clients land.

If you are aware of a scheme coming through your land, please call us and we can give you some initial advice as to what measures to take.


PJSA has a good track record in negotiating with telecommunications companies for mobile phones sites, fibre optic cables and other telecommunication equipment. 

We negotiate the terms of the lease and ensure the positioning and size of the site does not impinge on the rest of our client’s property and ensure that the lease is appropriate for the long term future and maximises potential for the future. We carry out rent reviews and negotiations for sharers to operate from the site, thus enhancing the rent to the landowner. We know what clauses need to be included and what clauses need to be excluded.

  • Lease negotiations

  • Overseeing works

  • Compensation claims

  • Access Agreements

  • “Payaway” Agreements

  • Rent Reviews

  • Sale of Existing Sites

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