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Over the last 30 years, PJSA has developed strong expertise in planning work and representation.


We specialise in Green Belt and rural development, and have a good rapport with Local Planning Authorities. Applications are usually accompanied by Design and Access Statements, and we act for other Planning Consultants to provide Design and Access Statements.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of Agricultural and Rural planning work, which is to a great extent, unique.

See our Design and Building Consultancy services as well.


For those clients who have tracts of land in the Green Belt, or in the open countryside, there is always a need for forward planning. We ensure that your land is placed in the right position and has the right representations, to maximise its chances for the future. This is highly technical work, it is long term, and it can be expensive. We also advise on Option Agreements with developers.

It is important to make sure your land is not overlooked when considering plans over the next 20 years.

  • Preparation and submission of Planning Applications

  • Listed building and Conservation Area consent

  • Planning Appeals through Written Representation, Informal Hearings and Public Inquiries

  • Negotiation of Planning Agreements

  • Enforcement Notices, Stop Notices and Retrospective Planning Applications

  • Certificates of Lawful Use

  • Agricultural Appraisals for justification of agricultural dwellings

  • Agricultural Occupancy Conditions

  • Presentation at Planning Committees

  • Pre-application Consultations

  • Planning Contravention Notices

  • Requisition for Information Advice

  • Section 215 Notices

  • Minerals and Waste planning

  • Design & Access Statements

  • Highways Consultation and Reports


Some types of development area permitted without the need to apply for planning permission. For example, agricultural barns can be converted into homes or offices and even free school so long as the design meet the requirements set out my the government.

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