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We have many years experience as Rural Professionals offering clients a comprehensive Estate Management Service. 


This ranges from the management of rural properties, let houses and buildings, land management, advice on agricultural business management, planning matters including minerals and commercial.

Rights of way, neighbours encroachment, claims by the public, trespass and public liability are all matters that affect the rural estate owner. We identify potential for the future, and advise in ways that activities may be carried out now for long-term benefit.

  • In-house and let estate management

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Agricultural residential and commercial property management and lettings

  • Forestry and Woodland, conservation and environmental management

  • Management and accounts recording

  • Farm Mapping

  • Diversification


Over our many years of experience, we have seen dramatic changes in the rural economy and the change of use of rural buildings.

We have become expert in the whole process of necessary but sensitive change of use, starting with agricultural buildings, advising on works to convert, justifying and obtaining planning permission, marketing the letting of the building, negotiating with the proposed tenant, and even drawing up and completing the lease.

Our multiple expertise gives us enormous strength, allowing for continuity, efficiency and considerable savings, which would otherwise be complicated by various different professional disciplines being involved.

  • Drafting and completing leases

  • Management of tenancies and leases

  • Rent review negotiations and procedures

  • End of lease or tenancy matters

  • Commercial letting management

  • Rating advice and representation

  • Negotiations with the Valuation Office

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